Individual cases and front panels designed and drawn directly via browser

Zum Online-CAD

With our new Online CAD you can individually configure any cases and front panels of our line directly via browser. Holes, recesses, printings, attachments like bolts or nuts can be selected and positioned directly.

An extensive knowledge database will be at your service. Hundreds of standard hole patterns can be selected.

Our Online CAD knows all of our production technologies and automatically selects the best one for your application. You do not need any production know-how, CAD knowledge and experiences in designing to draw your individual case or your front panel.

In contrast to most other "configurators" in which you can tinker your case out of a number of standard components (which then is for all different from what you actually wanted) we strike a completely different path:

We have not standardized the individual parts, but the design principles. This puts aside any restrictions that standard items have.

A completely 3D-capable CAD system is working for you on our servers in the background. This system knows all of our processing possibilities; it transfers your input accordingly and displays the result immediately on screen.

We put our complete project management at your disposal:

  • Preparation of your CAD data in 2D and 3D
  • Embedding texts and graphic elements (e. g. company logos)
  • Real-time online offers
  • Complete revision control
  • Files for reviewing your entries in various formats
  • Parts lists
  • Allocation of order numbers
  • Data for your ERP system
  • File download and upload
  • 3 and 5 day express services

The interface between us provides all necessary production data. The direct connection to our ordering system guarantees the accurate delivery of your desired individual product on schedule.


Online-CAD Screenshots

Some screenshots of our new Online CAD